“Since the pneumonia outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus infection in Wuhan, a variety of groups have joined the battle against the epidemic. Among them, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises”

On the one hand, the association organized all member enterprises to respond positively to the national call to postpone the resumption of work and to organize home offices where available, actively cooperating with the relevant policy requirements.

On the other hand, the Association guided the enterprises to conduct comprehensive disinfection and protection and inspection before resuming work!

Enterprise public welfare in action

The president of the association – Guangdong Kaidi Garment Co.,Ltd

In the first half of February, a total of three donations of epidemic prevention materials and funds were made to Wuhan in only 10 days.

(Shantou Social E-Commerce Association President Ma Qingxuan interviewed by Shantou TV)
(Some donation vouchers of the president unit of Shantou Social E-Commerce Association)
At the same time, in the process of material donation, the person in charge of the enterprise and the relevant leaders of the city together personally involved in the work of carrying donated materials and goods.

Let’s work together with the will of the people, I believe that as long as everyone gives a little love, and jointly respond to the call of the country and implement, I believe we can definitely win this battle without smoke and mirrors ……

There is no winter that cannot be overcome, there is no spring that will not come, spring is warm, everything will become better…

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