Corona virus in Hong Kong, housing blocks.Guangdong Kaidi Steps in for donates 10,000 pieces medical mask。

The “dynamic zero Covid” versus “living with the virus” debate has been overtaken by events. Omicron is out in the wild, spreading in malls, trains, buses and lifts. The true number of infections is probably many times the confirmed cases and already outstripping the Hong Kong government’s ability to track, trace and isolate. Nevertheless, the government seems bent on deploying mainland-style […]

EU Textile and Apparel Industry and Trade Patterns (Updated January 2022)

The EU region as a whole remains one of the world’s leading producers of textile and apparel (T&A). The EU’s T&A production value totaled EUR135.6 bn in 2019, down around 6% from a year ago (Note: Statistical Classification of Economic Activities or NACE, sectors C13, and C14). The EU’s T&A output value was divided almost equally […]

Retail Trends That Will Shape Consumer Expectations in 2022

The retail industry has had to do a lot of maneuvering over the last 18 months. But that hasn’t stopped businesses from adapting to the changing marketplace and finding innovative solutions.  Some retailers were forced to close shop for weeks or months at a time, placing a great deal of stress on brick-and-mortar locations. Investing […]

Year in Review: ‘Uncontrollable,’ ‘Tsunami’ — the Supply Chain in 2021

The supply chain was so problematic in 2021, it made its way into mainstream memes. “Virgil Was Here”: A Look at the Life and Death of Virgil Abloh Top 10 Men’s and Women’s Shows of 2021 Nicole Miller Pre-Fall 2022 That’s certainly a first for the back office and once back-of-mind underground of consumer goods. […]

Textile and Apparel Exports to Stabilize the Progress

According to data recently released by the General Administration of Customs, in December 2021, textile and apparel exports continued to grow under the pull of increased international market demand and holiday promotions to achieve a successful conclusion. 2021, China’s textile and apparel exports exceeded $ 310 billion, a record high. The data is encouraging, but […]

COVID-19 and US Apparel Imports: Key Trends

First, US apparel imports continue to rebound in November 2021 as companies build the inventory for the holiday season. Thanks to US consumers’ strong demand and the upcoming holidays, the value of US apparel imports went up by 15.7% in November 2021 from a month ago (seasonally adjusted) and increased by as much as 39.7% from […]

The 10 Apparel Sourcing Countries to Watch in 2022

Methodology The scores of 27 of the world’s leading apparel sourcing countries were taken from data that can be found exclusively in the GlobalData Apparel Intelligence Center. It is based on a maximum score of 75 with each sourcing destination receiving a score out of five for the 15 main factors that would affect a […]

Anti-Epidemic Help︱ Guangdong Kaidi Join the Charity

“Since the pneumonia outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus infection in Wuhan, a variety of groups have joined the battle against the epidemic. Among them, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises” On the one hand, the association organized all member enterprises to respond positively to the national call to postpone the resumption of work and […]

TOP 10 Garments Suppliers on Alibaba in 2021

Why choose Alibaba? Alibaba is the huge E-Commerce platform around the world cause it is safe foe the buyers, and its also have thousand of product for buyers to choose. However, the buyers will also need to pay attention for scams and frauds. At this points, Alibaba do a great job to protect from the […]