Guangdong Kaidi attend [Hangzhou] Fashion Industry Digital Trade Fair

Hangzhou Apparel E-Commerce & Live E-Commerce Industry Expo Hangzhou International Knitwear Expo & Lingerie E-Commerce Supply Chain Sourcing Festival Hangzhou New Consumer Brand Expo China [Hangzhou] Fashion Industry Digital Trade Expo (Hangzhou Fashion Digital Expo), Hangzhou International Knitwear Expo and Lingerie E-Commerce Supply Chain Sourcing Festival (Hangzhou Needle Expo), Hangzhou Apparel E-Commerce and Live E-Commerce […]

Guangdong Kaidi 20th Anniversary Celebration | Influence Live Show

“Hello, Zero Zero Generation ! Hello, 20-year-old Kaidi!” In 2021, there are too many key words coming into our view, such as Olympic Games, flood fighting front, war epidemic front, etc. There are “post-00s” taking over the baton in any “battlefield”. In 2001, Kaidi began to mature from an ignorant teenager; from a family workshop […]