EU Textile and Apparel Industry and Trade Patterns (Updated January 2022)

The EU region as a whole remains one of the world’s leading producers of textile and apparel (T&A). The EU’s T&A production value totaled EUR135.6 bn in 2019, down around 6% from a year ago (Note: Statistical Classification of Economic Activities or NACE, sectors C13, and C14). The EU’s T&A output value was divided almost equally […]

Textile and Apparel Exports to Stabilize the Progress

According to data recently released by the General Administration of Customs, in December 2021, textile and apparel exports continued to grow under the pull of increased international market demand and holiday promotions to achieve a successful conclusion. 2021, China’s textile and apparel exports exceeded $ 310 billion, a record high. The data is encouraging, but […]

The Features of Bamboo Materials to Produce Pajamas

Recently we produced a lot of bamboo products, bamboo sleepwear is very soft, non-irritating to the skin, so light and soft that it barely feels like one is wearing anything, besides it washes very well, no shrinking, and below are some great features of the bamboo materials. Bamboo is a remarkable and versatile natural source, it was […]