Founder Introduction

The thinking of a leader of an enterprise has laid the height of the development of the enterprise. We have an excellent leader.

Ma Qing Xuan


MBA of Beijing University
Professor of Tianjin University of Technology
Senior Brand Operation Expert Market Manipulator General Manager & Chairman of Shenzhen Kaidi Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Kaidi Garment Co., Ltd.
Outstanding Person in China textile and Garment Business
2009 Top Ten News People of China Textile Industry
Founder of Brand "La Nouvelle Famille", "PBENO", "Qin Qing", "FIARADY" and "21house"

Operation Philosophy

Develop Loyal Customer
Reasonable Margin
Leadership in Industry
Continued Growth
Development of Employee
Improvement of Team Leadership
Social Responsibility

Individual Vision

Why Ma Qing Xuan Choose Pajamas instead of Other Kind of Clothing Type? Because He Love the Time at Home and Enjoy It. He Hopes People Can Have a Comfortable & Happy Time at Home. This Is What Also Our Product Can Offer.