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Printing methods to print pigments on paper, made of transfer printing paper, and then through high temperature to transfer the color to the fabric, generally used for chemical fiber fabrics

Processing of any fiber textiles, and has superiority in the printing of blended and interwoven materials, and the process is simple, the color spectrum is wider, and the outline of the flower shape is clear

It will not affect the original texture of the fabric, so it is more suitable for large area printing patterns. Features soft hand-feel, bright color and luster.

Great coverage, clothes can be printed on any light color, and there is a certain degree of gloss and three-dimensional sense, so that the garment looks more high-grade, so it has been rapidly popularized, famous printing in the clothing market

can be more three-dimensional than the thick plate, and is generally used to make drip glue badges, mostly on clothing. When used on women’s clothing, it is used to create a floral shape, and this year, it can also be used to create a three-dimensional Mickey

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