On November 6, 2021, the La Nouvelle Famille hosting 800-square-foot flagship store in Shenzhen Luohu Baoneng Center Global Summary met with everyone for the first time, providing consumers with a full-scene in-depth experience of the living hall, the La Nouvelle Famille adheres to the brand concept of 3H Ease of Life, with the theme of [New Retail Life Ease Station], opened a new journey

Nowadays, consumers’ sense of experience of loungewear is not only limited to the clothing itself, but more of a life concept, that establishes a user experience center, a member club, so that users can become members, get respect and experience a kind of quality life in the whole scene.

The story begins from here, constantly exploring the most representative of the current state of life and the wearing experience, we shape the space through clothing, interpret the style through the atmosphere, and discover the self-symbol in the power of positive, the story always has its ups and downs, and we believe that our story, too, will be in it.

Here, the ideal life is traceable, time and space are free, and you can find your own rhythm – the new immersive space of the La Nouvelle Famille hopes to bring you such an experience.

Guangdong Kaidi Garments General Manager Mr Ma Qingxuan
La Nouvelle Famille Fashion Design Mr Ma Bin

New Retail Super Member Club

Three values of becoming a Super Member

Mr. Ma Bin, the soul of La Nouvelle Famille brand, is not only the advocate of loungewear culture, but also the leader of the emerging business model of loungewear, and the “super membership model” proposed by Mr. Ma Bin brings the best solution for the loungewear entity to break the game. It also brings better consumption experience for consumers.

Less profit and more sales

Become a super member benefits one

Save more money for members


Become a super member benefits of two

Through the customer profile and big data of purchasing habits

Create more good products for our members, using our original design

Make customers more beautiful, more interesting, more healthy

Costume Consultant

Become a Super Member Benefits No.3

Provide the best service and experience

Monthly salon activities for members from time to time, holding life knowledge lectures

and quality of life experience, such as flower arrangement, childcare, beauty, dressing, parenting

health, friendship, cross-industry alliance, etc. …..

New retail super member selection

The La Nouvelle Famille with a full range of product design, designer brands Home – Holiday – Health 3H lifestyle channel new retail and supply chain platform three points for the strategy to support the entire store profitability, to meet the pursuit of love, freedom, health people and services, to meet the daily home, vacation, sports, life wear, to achieve the ultimate pursuit of people with the heart, with the desire, with the lifestyle ……
Daily Life categories

(home classic vacation leisure light sports) health bra socks underwear underwear home shoes towels vacation shoes vacation hat vacation bag warmth swimwear aromatherapy ……

One Store More One Live Stream – Live Streaming Traffic

Create a live channel, so that products are better exposed on the Internet to generate sales, the

Let the entity store focus on accurate traffic to improve performance; have fans, upgrade to a network of stores

A store multi community services (including live), can be suitable for the current human nature of the “influenced” lifestyle, through close communication with users and the value of information to touch sales.

To store online mall to do up must have live channel tools, through the live product exposure, and finally link to store mall transactions.

Welcome to join the “Super Member Alliance” of La Nouvelle Famille Family

Step into the comfort of the new retail store experience together.

Welcome to visit

La Nouvelle Famille, 3007, 3/F, BaoNeng Global Club, LuoHu, Shenzhen

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